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Foundation to support conservatives.


The Liberty Foundation was established to defend against election fraud and elect conservatives by deploying resources to defend democracy on behalf of conservative candidates. The Liberty Foundation is concerned that the 2020 presidential elections was targeted and widespread election fraud occurred violating the rights of large constituencies who were entitled to a free and honest election. Activities occurred that disrupted free speech and aimed to destroy the tenets of democracy. In order to counter threats against the democratic processes the Liberty foundation actively works to protect true conservative voices and supports conservatives such as President Trump.

To preserve American values and keep America a great country by protecting free speech and defending democracy from the Chinese Communist Party
I, Adam Roosevelt, a leading conservative voice strongly support the purpose of the establishment and future activities for the Liberty Foundation, which is to cooperate widely with overseas democracies and with important allies such as Japan and Taiwan to protect common values.

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Support through Discourse

Support through columns and proposals by U.S. conservative people. Without correct and fare information and opinions, there is a possibility of another rigged election. For this reason, we at the Liberty Foundation will make our own conservative statements. 


Conducting events and competitions

We will hold events and debates among conservatives. Our events take place in Washington DC, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere. As a conservative event, it will be attended by conservative activists, politicians, and journalists. By doing so, we promote the presence of conservatives and support the advancement of conservatism in America. 


Support for conservatives

We support projects that benefit conservatives.

We will secure influence in the United States through PACs.

This will help correct conservatism to progress in America and eliminate the influence of communism and other forces.

Three actions of Liberty Foundation
It's all about liberty and freedom.

The Liberty Foundation is concerned about the widespread rigging of the 2020 presidential election and the subversion of democracy by groups under the influence of the dictatorship and others.

In order to counter these activities, the foundation will operate with donations from individuals from democratic countries and allies.
At present, the PAC (Political Action Committee) is the only way to provide funds to politicians.
We will support U.S. conservatives by organizing PACs (Political Action Committees) and other groups. 

Liberty Foundation is an organization that works for the security of not only the U.S., but also its ally Japan, and the democratic nations of Southeast Asia, including Taiwan.
At the same time, it actively supports projects that are beneficial to conservatives in the United States.


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